Video tutorials

Pavement quality tester PAB-1

Miniature compression testing mashines MIP-25/50

Pile echo tester SPEKTR-4

Cross hole flaw detector PULSAR-2.2 DBS (on Russian)

Accelerated definition of activity of cement CEMENT-PROGNOZ (on Russian)

Ultrasonic pulse velocity test instrument PULSAR-2 (on Russian)

Concrete frost resistance BETON-FROST (on Russian)

Drop weight tester DPG-1 and Falling weight defectometer system DPG-RDC (on Russian)

Vacuum permeameter VIP-1.2/1.3 (on Russian)

Rebar detection instrument POISK-2.6 (on Russian)

Pullout tester ONIKS-1.OS (on Russian)

Armature corrosion analyzer ARMCOR-1 (on Russian)

Pull-off adhesion tester ONIKS-1.AP / 1.VD (on Russian)

Moisture mesuring device for building materials VIMS-2 (on Russian)

Rebound strength measuring instrument ONIKS-2.6 (on Russian)