Flaw detection

More than 30 years of leadership experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing

Non-Destructive Testing equipment

RPE "INTERPRIBOR" has been equipping enterprises in Russia and other countries with non-destructive testing for 30 years. The main activities of the company are the development and production of devices.

The main consumers of our non-destructive testing devices are construction companies, road and construction laboratories, maintenance and inspection services for buildings and structures, certification centers, factories and research centers. Part of the company's products has a wider purpose and is successfully used in other industries.

Our engineers pay great attention to the following tasks:

  • wide ranges of measurement and high precision of work in all ranges, using digital signal processing, mathematical and statistical methods;
  • reducing the mass and size of manufactured devices using modern materials and original design solutions;
  • increase the duration of operation of devices without changing batteries, using the latest achievements of electronics; each device is equipped with high capacity batteries (2 ... 3.5 A*h) and a charger.