30 years of leadership experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing

About company

INTERPRIBOR has 30 years of leadership experience in manufacturing of high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing of material properties for the construction industry and other manufacturing sectors. The enterprise has its own production capacities equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, robotic installer, high-precision measuring and metrological equipment. The enterprise has a license for the manufacturing and repair of measuring equipment No. 005292-IR and a certificate of a metrological service, register No. 003006.


Research and development of the instruments for the following spheres of application:
 – non-destructive testing of quality of concrete, construction materials, road coatings, and foundations
 – ultrasonic, acoustic, and seismic measurements
 – vibrometry and vibration analysis
 – thermal conductivity measurements
 – water content measurements of materials, goods, and media
 – multi-variable monitoring of various objects
 – technological and laboratory control
 – temperature monitoring
 – heat-protective properties assesment of buildings, enclosing structures, windows
 – special service software

Batch production of wide nomenclature instruments
Engineering services, instrument development by a special order of a customer
Sales and full line services of the instruments, including metrological, warranty and maintenance services


Our instruments are developed using the newest measurement principles and ultra modern components. Most instruments are registered in the State registers of the measurement tools of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, and are covered by patents. Many instruments are unique in their characteristics. The instruments feature high accuracy, small dimensions, ergonomics, and efficient batteries; they are equipped with light and convenient sensors of an innovative design and are produced in different modifications with a lot of options. The warranty for the main types of products is 18 months. Instruments service is guaranteed for the entire period of use.


Our strategic partner is the Research and Production Enterprise "Spektr-Conversion" (ISO9001 certified, equipped with modern manufacturing equipment and highly qualified specialists), producing some of mechanical components for our instruments. Our distribution network consists of more than 30 partnership enterprises in and beyond Russia. Agents of our enterprise work in Moscow, Belarus, and Ukraine for the convenience of our clients.


Among our customers are thousands of enterprises in and beyond Russia. These include construction, road and industrial companies; factory, construction, road and research laboratories; objects maintenance and research services; GosStandart and Gostechnadzor authorities; R&D and design institutes, universities, educational establishments; customs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response, etc.