VIP-1The instrument for measuring water-resisting properties of concrete using vacuum method

  • A single-block instrument with two vacuum chambers (one chamber is for measuring, the second is a security zone designed to increase the accuracy of measurements), built-in electronics, an electric vacuum pump and a lithium battery
  • Mastic GOST 14971
  • Putty knife
  • USB charger (1A)
  • USB cable
  • PC program on "Flash-business card"
  • Manual
  • Bag
  • Certificate of State Certification (1 year)

VIP-1.3 are designed to accelerate the determination of water resistance of concrete by the value of its resistance to air penetration according to GOST 12730.5 in structures, products, samples of concrete and other building materials.

It is used in laboratories, factory and construction conditions, for inspection purposes on buildings and structures.
  • The only single-block instrument with built-in ultra-compact vacuum pumps, a powerful lithium battery and an electronic measuring unit
  • Automatic measurement cycle, ease of preparation and testing
  • Possibility of use on horizontal and vertical surfaces, in places with limited access, as well as on 150x150 mm sample cubes and ø150 mm cores
  • Ergonomic, compact and small-sized, made of alloy materials
  • Available in two versions
  • Built-in charger
  • Creates vacuum in the chambers by means of built-in vacuum electric pumps
  • Registers processes of changing pressure in vacuum chambers
  • Measures resistance of the material to air penetration
  • Determines the grade of concrete by its water resistance
  • Determines the depth of vacuum formation 
  • Menu-selected measuring modes
  • Presents information on the colour graphic TFT display with backlight
  • Creates a complete archive of processes, measurement results and conditions, including type of the material, time and temperature
  • Menus and text messages are available in the Russian and English languages
  • USB interface to enable connecting to a computer and charging the battery
Initial Pressure:  
absolute pressure Pabs, max., kPa  35
- vacuum pressure, min., kPa 65
Range of vacuum pressure, kPa  10...65
Maximum absolute measurement error for vacuum pressure measurements, kPa  ±2
Range of resistance measurements, s/cm3 0,1...1000
Range of grades of concrete according to their water resistance  0...20
Discreteness of presenting data:  
- pressure, kPa  0,1
- resistance, s/cm3 0,1
Overall dimensions, mm:  Ø180х120
Weight, kg: 2,3
  • Data download to PC
  • Data saving, recording and processing
  • Data transfer to Excel spreadsheet, textual documents and other applications

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