MIP-25/50Miniature compression testing machines

  • One of three models:
    • MIP "25M" – up to 250kN, manual drive
    • MIP "25E" – up to 250kN, electric drive
    • MIP "50E" – up to 500kN, electric drive
  • Power cable (electric drive model)
  • USB charger (1А) (manual drive model)
  • USB cable
  • USB card with PC software
  • Operating instructions
  • Transport box
  • Verification or Calibration certificate (on request)
  • Concrete compression machines MIP-25 and MIP-50 are designed for quick quality control of concrete and other building materials:
    - to test bored cylinders up to dia. 70x100 mm
    - for determination of compression strength of concrete and mortar cubes of 70 mm and 100 mm side
  • Used as the mobile or laboratory testing machines
  • Enables to perform testing in factory or mobile laboratories as well as in construction site environments
  • The unique lightweight, small in size machine (weights less than 45 kg) has 1,5 safety factor
  • Original design with the top arrangement of a power hydrodrive, two driving hydrocylinders with a reducer and cylindrical bearing case (patent)
  • Sample crushing is produced without machine jumping
  • Safety features: front and rear transparent fragment guard
  • Available in various capacities
  • Small in size, frequency-controlled asynchronous electric drive with reducer (for MIP-25E, MIP-50E)
  • Car battery operated model (optional, with transducer 12V / 220V, 50 Hz)
  • Built-in lithium accumulator of a large capacity for the manual drive models
  • Selectable test conditions: object type, geometry and dimensions, type of testing
  • Screw adjustment of the bed compression platen position
  • Load rate and applied pressure displayed in real time
  • Set load rate maintenance (for electric drive models only)
  • Determining of concrete strength with further estimation of its strength quality conforming to GOST 18105
  • Saving of data and measuring conditions
  • Graphic display with backlight
  • Russian/English menu available
  • USB interface
  • Programmable auto-off when not used
  MIP-25 MIP-50
Range of compressive stress measurement, MPa 5...65 10...100
Load range, kN 10...250 10...500
Maximum capacity, kN 300 550
Limits of load measuring error, % ±1 ±1
Max. vertical daylight, mm 110 110
Compression platens dia., mm 110х110 110х110
Load rate range, MPa 0,2...1,0 0,2...1,0
Memory, results 800 800
Dimensions, mm Ø275х330 Ø275х370
Max. piston travel, mm 5 5
Screw pin travel, mm 35 35
Weight, kg 40(45*) 45*

* - electric drive model

  • Data download to PC
  • Data saving, recording and processing
  • Data transfer to Excel spreadsheet, textual documents and other applications

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