POISK-MRebar detection instrument

  • Electronic unit
  • USB charger (1А)
  • USB cable
  • USB card with PC software
  • Operating instructions
  • Bag
  • Verification or Calibration certificate (on request)

Plastic case for POISK-2.6

Plastic case for POISK-2.6

  • POISK-M using the eddy current testing principle is designed for the non-destructive quick detection of the reinforcing bars in the concrete during technological control and inspection of objects
  • The instrument can be used for determining the location of the reinforcing bars to exclude errors when measuring the concrete strength using different methods (ultrasonic, impact pulse, separation with spelling effect and edge chopping off)
  • The eddy current testing principle used by POISK-M allows:
     – to combine measurements of concrete cover and unknown bar diameter in one instrument without the use of a standard sample, which enables the user to quickly examine the structure before restoring the concrete cover with maximum accuracy (even with a lack of technical documentation)
     – conducting accurate measurements on sections of structures with dense reinforcement (with a minimum spacing of reinforcement)
  • The detector has a unique real-time visualization mechanism, allowing the user to actually see the location of rebars beneath the concrete surface which, in combination acoustic signal, provides a convenient interface for measurements
  • Automatic calibration of the instrument before measuring​
  • Touch color display with resolution of 320x240 and wide viewing angles provides proper operation at temperatures up to -20 °C
  • Smart buttons design for one touch quick access and clearly structured menu provide the ease of use
  • Built-in LI-Po cell of large capacity and power unit for continuous operation and restoration
  • Up to 1500 protocols of measurement including measuring conditions, quick archive data viewing by dates and numbers
  • Russian/English menu available
  • USB interface
  • Main modes of operation allow to:
        – define the rebar projections onto a surface
     – measure the concrete cover with a known rebar diameter
     – determine the rebar diameter with a known cover
     – perform measurements with unknown rebar parameters
     – perform scanning and deep rebar searching
     – perform automatic steel tuning
  • Additional modes allow to:
     – specify the rebar diameter by measuring its depth (defined by inspection-hole drilling)
     – determine rebar the diameter with a thick cover (over 70...90 mm, depending on the diameter of the rebar) by the method of standard-strip, when the main method is inefficient
Cover measuring range, mm 2...140*
Diameter measuring range, mm 3...50
Rebar distance, mm, not less than:  
- for diameters of armature from 3 to 10 mm 100
- for diameters of armature from 12 to 50 mm 200
Limits of cover h measuring error, mm ±(0,03h + 0,5)
Dimensions, mm 200х85х65
Weight, kg 0,5
Operating temperature, °С -10...+40 

* - within the limits of error ±(0,03h + 0,5)

  • Data download to PC
  • Data saving, recording and processing
  • Data transfer to Excel spreadsheet, textual documents and other applications

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